Saturday, November 6, 2010

♥ Frienship ♥

♥ Kristeen Cartago ♥

One morning with my dear friend kristeen on a graveyard shift it was the first time i brought my ipod. Pictures taken before our shift end.

Shella(me), Kristeen

Our friendship started on table 9.At that time we noticed that we were always assigned on that table and started some talk...(blah-blah-blah)...about our makeup, makeup artists, pitboss, especially hmmm... (its just for the two of us) for the privacy of that person whom were talking to. And a lot of laugh and laugh.But ofcourse we were still aware of the insurance for us to still continue our conversation without any salto at all.Thanks to mam janice for the trust given to us.

Shella(me), Kristeen

Let me tell you that this girl kristeen is a very sweet friend of mine.She not just make beso when she sees me but she really smack at my cheek and my heart really pumps the first time i received a kiss from her.Its very touching for me as a friend.

Shella(me), Kristeen

The thing i like to her is her lips, the shape of her lips and her long straight black virgin hair.I admire her lips whenever she wears red lipstick it made her more glamorous.Her long straight black hair is comparable to shan sai(in meteor garden) dao ming zhu's leading lady.

Shea Cayabyab

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